miercuri, 10 august 2016

Team Romania

At the 31 edition of the 2016 Summer Olympics we will support #teamromainia!With 96 athles, Team Romainia is one of our favorite. We are going to post scors,stats and info about Romainia on Instagram and Blogger.So be alert, becouse we are just starting!!!!!!!!!

Our team

duminică, 24 iulie 2016

i'm crying

click here xD

ana the unicorn.


click here lol

watch this ok

i'm gonna leave now .

okay bye 

~ana the unicorn~

idk and idc


fk this sh!t i'm out

                                                                         ~ana the unicorn~

Hey guys! ~David

Hey guys!
my name is David. I am a member of DoingThis4You.
I was the first member of DT4Y.
I also make cool photos.

Hey guys!~Mihai

Hey guys!
Hi, my name is Mihai. And I am a part of doingthis4you.
I am a ESC Fan
I like photography.
I love to travel
I like to write
I'm a  fan
Yeah, I guess that's it.
See you next time !

same drake, same

~ana the unicorn~


~ana the unicorn~


~ana the unicorn~

Hey guys!~Ana the unicorn

Hello guys, my name is Ana and I am really happy to see that this blog is doing really good so far.
I decided to introduce myself, so yeah, here we go !

My name is Ana. ( lmao i just said that )
I like to make videos on YouTube. (Btw, my channel is Ana Unicorn, I'd really appreciate if you subscribe)
I play the guitar (Yeah, i'm not that good )
I like photography.
I like The 1975, Troye Sivan, Melanie Martinez, Zayn, Lana Del Rey, 5SOS, Arctic Monkeys and Nirvana.

Yeah, I guess that's it.

Thank you again for all the support. See ya next time !


Thank you for your support!

In day we had 220 followers. We really wanna thank you for your support.It's very cool to know that there  are 220 peoples in this world who like our photos. Because you love us, we decided to open a blog. Thank you again for your support!!!

Mihai-doingthis4you team